June 4, 2019

Ecojute 750GSM Jute Mat Product of the Month

Product of the Month: ECOJUTE – 100% Biodegradable Jute Mat 750gsm with 4 slits per m2 $78 excl per roll – Bulk Discounts Apply

Why use Jute Mat?

Breathable and water saving, Jute Matting is the simplest, safest and most cost effective form of erosion control – and better yet, it even promotes new growth on even high inclines.

Jute Mat is needle-punched jute matting with hessian scrim in the centre designed to prevent soil erosion and retain moisture whilst promoting selective plant growth and stability. It is made of natural jute fibres that are extracted from the stem of jute plant. It adds to the mineral content of the soil and is free of synthetic fibres. It is flexible and strong when being laid which allows for foot traffic.

ECOJUTE 750gsm is 1.83m wide x 25m in length and 6mm thickness with 4 slits per m2 for easy plant install.

SANOVIT – “The Natural Plant Starter”

There are a number of differences between “water crystals” and “silicate”. The main purpose of these soil amendments is water retention.

“Water crystals” are essentially cross linked polymers or polyacrylamides. They have the capacity to absorb a large volume of water (some claim up to 300 times the volume of the crystal), but it is generally not known how much of this absorbed water is plant available, due to the tension the water is held at. The swollen crystal consumes much of the air-pore space which plants require in the root zone, thereby restricting drainage though the soil profile. Moreover, the performance of some crystals can be affected by the salinity in the soil.

Silicate, and in this case “Sanoplant”, only holds about 15 times its volume of water, whereafter the excess becomes free draining, so there is no danger of waterlogging or anaerobic conditions in the root zone. Silicate does not absorb or swell up!

“The tiny silicate particles in fact adsorb water – water is attracted to and held on the surface area of the particles.”

Although Sanoplant only holds this relatively small volume, most of it is proven to be plant available, and the air water ratio in the sand remains largely unaffected. Sanoplant is not affected by salinity or other chemicals in the soil, and will store nutrients in the held water which would otherwise be lost to drainage.

Sanoplant is essentially used for improving moisture retention in sandy soils and sand based substrates. It does not contain any nutrient. For a product that performs like Sanoplant and has nutrient, you can turn to SANOVIT. It contains Sanoplant , a biologic slow release fertiliser (for nutrient), and lava granules to ensure aeration in heavier soils. A one stop product ideal for plant establishment! With low phosphorus it suits natives too.

SANOVIT is available in 20 KG Bags $295/excl per bag. Bulk discounts apply